The New York Times' '1619 Project'

Top Historians Demand 'Prominent Corrections' From New York Times Re: 1619 Project/Slavery Reporting-Five top historians are firing back with a letter to The New York Times demanding prominent corrections.

Some Confusion About Equality and Freedom-It appears that Walsh fails to grasp Meyer's point about equality.

"The New York Times" Surrenders to the Left on Race-Throughout the issue of the NYTM, headlines make, with just slight variations, the same rhetorical move over and over again.

What If the New York Times Played a Major Role in Promoting Structural Racism?-The NYT, using academics that represent the New History of Capitalism viewpoint, is claiming that racism, brutality, and slavery were the basis of the founding of the country.

Cornell Scholar Cited in NYT’s ‘1619’ Series Charged with Fabricating Quotes, Evidence-Among charges leveled by Olmstead and Rhode were accusations Baptist concocted numbers out of thin air and that Baptist fabricated research to fit his narrative.

They Have Gone Mad at 'The New York Times'-The project rollout just happened to come at the same time as the leak of a transcript of a Timesemployee town hall in which the paper's executive editor, Dean Baquet, discussed his "vision" of making race the central theme of Times coverage of the remaining two years of President Trump's term in office.

The Attack on Western Civilization Accelerates-The social justice warriors are simply going to attack western civilization from every direction possible, including attacking all business and all wealthy and with an attempt to link in integral fashion slavery and capitalism.

Yet Another Historian Weighs in On the Problems With The New York Times' '1619 Project'-It is increasingly clear that the 1619 Project, foisted on the American public in August by the New York Times, was ill advised.