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Is Price Inflation Dead?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Denies Economic Reality (EPJ 12-18) For a very long time, I have been advising in the EPJ Daily Alert that the yield curve is a very powerful indicator of developing recessions when it turns negative.

Fed Chairman Says U.S. Economy Performing Very Well (EPJ 12-18) This past Thursday, before the Housing Assistance Council's 2018 Rural Housing Conference in Washington, D.C., Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jay Powell told the audience that, "the economy is strong overall."

Fed Chairman Jay Powell's Nutty Theory About Price Inflation (EPJ 8-18) Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell delivered a keynote speech yesterday at the annual global central bank conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. During the speech, he made an astounding comment...

Larry Kudlow at Cabinet Meeting: "We Are Crushing It" (EPJ 8-18) Trump administration national economic adviser Larry "I'll Take a Heart Attack for the President" Kudlow spoke directly to the President with cameras rolling at a Cabinet meeting this past Thursday.

Harvard Economist Warns “$700 Gold by Mid-2017″ (EPJ 6-16) Not even P. Krugman is insane enough to make a forecast like this.