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How I Would Grade Students If I Was a College Professor I can't imagine myself slogging through a bunch of papers from college freshman, papers that for the most part would be banal. Here's what I would do (for real) if I were teaching a college economics course

A Vaccination Discussion With a Hip Medical Doctor Over the weekend, I had brunch with a friend who brought along his medical doctor friend. The MD seemed hip to new trends (fads?). He said it used to be all about the paleo-diet but now it is about the keto diet, though his online bio mentions a specialty in paleo but not keto. I guess his website hasn't caught up to his expertise. (July 2018 TL)

Is the Problem with NBA Players That They Are Not "Selfless"? I am a big New York Knicks fan, so with the recent hiring of Phil Jackson as president on the Knicks, I am reading his book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Sucess. There are a lot of strange references to  American Indian mysticism  in the book but, if you ignore that, there are some pretty good observations about basketball. The one thing, though, that really annoys me about the book is Jackson's emphasis on the importance of what he calls "selfless" play. (April 2014  EPJ)

Solving Baseball's Intentional Walk Crisis 
Last year Barry Bonds was walked intentionally 68 times. No one in baseball has ever been intentionally walked so often in one season of baseball before, not Babe Ruth, not Willie Mays, not Hank Aaron, not Mickey Mantle, not Mark McGwire. No One. This is a crisis for baseball. (July 2003 EPJ) 


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