The Larry Kudlow File

BRUTAL: Extremely Vicious Attack on Larry Kudlow
Various news outlets are reporting that President Trump has chosen Larry Kudlow to replace Gary Cohn as head of the National Economic Council.

This is the response of UC Berkely Professor Brad DeLong:

Stockman Slams the Notion of Larry Kudlow Being Trump's Top Economic Adviser
Stockman is right here Kudlow won't do much but everyone else under consideration is much worse.

Now Even Larry Kudlow Bashes the GOP Tax Plan
Larry Kudlow, the Reagan administration economist who has also been supportive of President Trump, can't hold back anymore.

He now says the Republican tax reform plan threatens to “hurt a lot of different people” with changes to personal income taxes.

The Goldman Sachs Crony Who Prevented Larry Kudlow From Getting the CEA Chairman Position Kudlow isn't an Austrian school economist but he is in favor of free trade and is generally free market and anti-tax, though with a supply-side bent.