The Intersectionality Theory File

David Gordon On an Excellent Discussion About Crazed Intersectionality Theory
I asked David Gordon to a look at the video of the panel discussion, by Christina Hoff Sommer and Flemming Rose, on the Marxist Origins of Hate-Speech Legislation and Political Correctness. He responds.

Black Woman Accuses Charlie Rose of Racism for Not Sexually Harassing Her
We learn more about the intersectionality matrix via Rebecca Carroll.

General Kelly Just Fired a Person Ranked Two Intersectionallity Levels Above Him
On Wednesday, the White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, Omarosa Manigault, was fired by President Trump's chief-of-staff, General John F. Kelly.

Jordan Peterson Debunks White Privilege
Peterson uses intersectionality theory against the idea of white privilege.

What to do About the Anti-Logic Movement
It is best that we, as libertarians, classify under one umbrella the cultural Marxists, the postmodernists, the intersectionality theorists, Antifa and the black bloc anarchists because they all have at their core one important thing in common, an unwillingness to debate and think in logical fashion.

Marxist Origins of Hate-Speech Legislation and Political Correctness
 The two panelists were Christina Hoff Sommer and Flemming Rose.

University of Arizona Researcher Announces “Feminist” Version of Physics: Intersectional Quantum Physics It should be said — plainly, loudly and often — that far-Left “progressives” and their ideological soulmates in the Democratic Party care nothing about “equality,” because if they really did, they wouldn’t pit ethnic groups, members of various sexual statuses and even political rivals against each other. But they do so because that is where the movement derives its power.