Rent Control

PINNED: Thomas Sowell on Housing and Rent Control: After being a major promoter of evil increases in the minimum wage in Seattle, Socialist Seattle Council Member Kshama Sawant is now on the rent control bandwagon.

The Consequences of Rent Control

Rent Control as Economic Stupidity by Walter Block

Rent Control Madness New York City vs. San Francisco: Trulia reports:
 In New York City, there are two types of rent increase restrictions

San Francisco Rent Control Madness: Well-to-do people are taking advantage of the [San Francisco's] long-protected practice of limiting rent increases to preserve affordable housing by using their cheap apartments as weekend getaways.

Hedge Fund Manager: I Want My Rent Control! A hedge-fund millionaire is fighting to keep the greatest deal in New York real estate since Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island -- a $380-a-month Park Avenue duplex.

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